JYJ-SM Come To An Agreement: SM “It Was For The Best”, JYJ “A Battle That Had Already Been Won” ; 29 Nov 2012 @ 7:15 am { 0 fellows }

The legal dispute between SM Entertainment and JYJ (Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun) has finally come to an end through an agreement after three years and four months.

According to judicial circles, SM Entertainment and the three members of JYJ came to an agreement on the 28th to settle the termination date of any and all contracts between the two parties as the 31st of July, 2009, the date that JYJ filed their injunction of nullification. Also, it has been found that they have decided to drop all related lawsuits and have signed an agreement stating that they will not interfere with any activities that the other party pursues.

SM Entertainment said, “The trio stated that they have no intention of performing as members of the group ‘TVXQ’, so SM has come to the decision that we no longer have a reason to be in charge of management for the trio. We have come to a mutual agreement to not interfere with the other party’s activities as our paths will not cross in the future, and the lawsuit has come to an end through this agreement. Also, we have come to the decision that the best course of action was to end this lawsuit to ensure that there will be no more additional damages or unnecessary issues that arise because of the lawsuit that may harm U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, who are currently active as ‘TVXQ’.”

CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We believed that this was a battle that had already been won three years ago when the courts accepted our injunction. To be honest, we don’t believe that there will be much change to JYJ’s activities after the verdict because the interference of JYJ’s activities isn’t a legal issue, but a battle between David and Goliath.” He also added, “We are currently walking down a path that only JYJ could take, and we will continue to pursue our own activities, as planned,” and “We hope that the success of this agreement will rectify the various limitations placed upon JYJ that used the lawsuit as an excuse, and we would like to once more sincerely thank the domestic and international fans who have given JYJ their unwavering support from the start.”

Source: [Nate News]
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SM CEO Kim Young Min Says, “What TVXQ Did As Five Was Extraordinary” ; 27 Nov 2012 @ 5:15 pm { 0 fellows }

SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min highly praised the achievements TVXQ made as five members.

CEO Kim met with domestic reporters in Tokyo, Japan on the 3rd for ‘SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO’ and while explaining the role and importance SM has in the Hallyu Wave, he said, “We are neither representatives who have been selected and recognized by the country nor representatives of K-POP. Though we do feel a sense of responsibility, I don’t feel that we should speak for K-POP or the nation as a whole,” and “But SM places importance on whether or not we can be number one in a cultural aspect. To SM, whether or not our stars can be number one or not is extremely important.“

Talking about TVXQ, CEO Kim indirectly explained the role and importance of SM as he said, “TVXQ’s power is astronomical. What the five members did together was extraordinary. So regardless of the incident (of the three members leaving), the group was able to come to its current position. TVXQ’s power played the role of opening the road ahead for their juniors. What’s more important than being number one is whether or not we can create contents that have the most power in the market.”

Regarding SNS, which has helped the Hallyu Wave spread throughout the world, CEO Kim stated, “SNS has contributed a great deal to the Hallyu Wave. We’ve benefitted from it as well. But within it lies a sacrifice that stems from illegality. Though we’ve been able to expand our influence geographically, I believe that the mindset that SNS marketing is a powerful tool is wrong. Though it is useful, it could cause the downfall of the music industry. What could we do when IDs are shared on the Cloud service? SNS is a useful marketing tool, but it isn’t a necessity.“

Talking about SM’s future plans, CEO Kim stated that SM plans follow the natural flow of the market as he said, “We will follow the market. We’ve set up a steady foundation in Japan, and China is a market I’d like to see us expand into. K-POP has been going on for ten yeas here, starting with BoA. I can’t speak for K-POP’s current location or identity. But according to Japan’s Tsutaya (Japan’s biggest album and publications rental shop), Hallyu-related products have recorded the highest sales so far, beating every other type of contents. Hallyu-related products are now being rented out more frequently than American movies.”

‘SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO’, which was held at Tokyo Dome from the 2nd till the 4th, featured SM artistes such as Kangta, Kim Min Jong, BoA, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, SHINee and f(x), bringing in 50,000 spectators each show for a total of 150,000.

Source: [kuki news]
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#MalaysiaSaySorryToVixxAndNuest ; 24 Nov 2012 @ 3:29 pm { 0 fellows }

Assalamualaikum guys.
Hari ini aku nak lepaskan geram aku pada anti-kpoppers , SHOUT! Awards and Sam Bunkface .

Guys, look at twitter. Sekarang yang tengah trending , #MalaysiaSaySorryToVixxAndNuest . Thanks to the stupid unmannerful AND distasteful Malaysian crowd the whole world, VIXX and NU'EST fans are looking down on Malaysia. NICE. How to be "1 Malaysia" like this? How to maju to "Wawasan 2020" like this? Well done Malaysia, I'm like- SOOO proud. Really. Very proud. *sarcastic smile* I'm too humiliated to say I'm a Malaysian now. Very humiliated and ashamed. Apa perasaan korang kalau Yuna dekat US , kena baling kasut pastu kena "boo" , mesti korang marah kan ? At least show some respect la . Kau tautak ? Kau dah mencemarkan nama negara ! Memalukan tautak ?! 'I Proud to be Malaysian people' tapi baling kasut kat VIXX , baling sampai kat Nuest .. KEBODOHAN APAKAH ITU ?? Kalau korang nak Malaysia maju , bukan dengan secara menghina orang luar. 

  Sekarang cuba kau tengok , ramai orang luar yang k-poppers kutuk Malaysia . Kau tak rasa malu ke ?  Mana pergi Nya BUDI BAHASA , BUDAYA KITA . Wahai Rakyat Malaysia ?! Cikgu kau ada ajar ke kita kena hina orang luar ?! Takde kan ?! So , kenapa terlalu benci kepada K-pop sampai nak 'boo' kat diorang , baling kasut kat diorang ?! Lebih baik tutup mulut dan balik rumah . Kan senang ?! 

   To SHOUT! Award , If you guys invited NU'EST and VIXX just to get lots of audience, please feel ashamed. Budi bahasa budaya kita lah sangat kan. Because of those immature and rude people, our country's pride is down. People from over the world saw what you bullshits did to VIXX. Boo-ed, threw shoes//bottles//wtv, pulled one of the members' leg and even showed them your friggin middle finger! Where have the manners gone? If this event is the main cause of why Kpop Artists do not want to come to Malaysia again, I'll be hating you guys forever. Do you think without NU'EST and VIXX, there'll be lots of people coming? They're international, performed for free and got shit treatment from you guys. Please tell all Malaysian organisers to not invite Kpop artists anymore. We'd rather have them enjoy their time in Korea with fans who actually appreciate them than seeing them got treated badly.

   Now, Malaysia has been labelled as rude country with rude citizens. To those who did those shitty stuffs, are you guys happy now that our country is labelled like that? And as for NU'EST performance, bitch please, nobody puts credits when someone's performing. You even made them waited for your oh-so-boring speech. That was just too rude. And to Malaysian artists who do not know on how to behave in front of guests, please learn what attitude is. To Sam, yes I actually did just mention his name, Sam, you have no rights to make your fucking annoying shitty face when VIXX finished performing. Plus, isn't it embarrassing when non-Muslims wear something more polite and covered than the Muslims? Bak kata orang Melayu, tak cukup kain ke? Oh and you are talking about Malaysian musics yet you invited Koreans. WTF?! It's incredibly amazing when you guys put Malaysian artists who are Anti-Kpop with Kpop artists. Just amazing, guys. CONGRATS FOR GIVING MALAYSIA A BAD NAME. YOU GUYS DESERVE A GOLD MEDAL FOR THE MOST FUCKED-UP AWARDS OF THE WHOLE CENTURY.

Me , Facebook and Twitter .

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SMent Lee Soo Man Vs. Kim Young Min: The Real Face Of SMent ; 18 Nov 2012 @ 5:01 am { 0 fellows }


SM started out in the 1995. Lee Soo Man stepped into industry as a artist, but in 1995
started a company with the SM, as a producer. Basically he wasn't the owner.
The CEO and the person who had the hands in stock was Kim Kyung Wook. Like how Park Jin Young
has the company name as JYP which is his name, but gets salary pay (this already well known fact)
for creating JYP stars.
Did you know producers can produce singers, and plan out all the training, producing, and etc but
cannot touch on the contracts and payment dividing?

CEO Kim Kyung Wook sat on the boss chair and started playing around with the Sm.ent stars.
The singers he made were those that died out:

M.I.L.K, Blackbeat, DaNa, LeesakNJiyeon, and etc. These were the groups Kim Kyung Wook created,
Lee Soo Man later was the one who gathered up these singers
to create CSJH and put Shim Jae Won (blackbeat member) as
SMENT's dance teacher. (fact, snsd's dance teacher is Shim Jae Won. watch snsd's debut mnet episode, jessica thanks him when she visits him, and he also created SNSD's debut choreo INTO THE WORLD.)

The CEO who would mess around with the SM.ent groups with wrongful contracts
left the SM ent company a little after DBSK debuted. This is when all the rumors of
SM ent stock dropping started to spread. Remember?
and the rumors of Sm.ent having minus profit had started to spread all over.
All this happend after Kim Kyung Wook CEO left Sm.ent.

This is when CEO KIm Young Min stepped in.
He changed the 13 year slave contract to 7 years and started to
change and play around with the Contract while the trainees and singers
did not know of it.

When Shinwha came out of SM.ent. Kim Dong Whan said in a program that
'Eventhough we came out of Sm.ent we will never be able to forget Teacher Lee Soo Man.'
This makes you think. No matter how much the person had trained you and helped you become a successful celebrity,
if that person at the same time made you suffer as a kid mentally and physically, you wouldn't be able to thank them nor want to remember them.
Nobody ever mentioned Kim Young Wook, or Kim Young Min. ( FACT. nobody ever mentions them ever when winning 1 spots on gayo shows or at award shows...)

controlling contracts can only be done by the CEOs of the company.

Don't try to take out Lee Soo Man because they are all fake rumors. Everyone
thinks that SM stands for Soo Man, but when SM first started out SM stood for
Success Museum. ( Now starlight museum i think)

I can't tell you who i am but please believe that this story is true. I know that
it is you guy's freedom to believe it or not, but there is a way to protect
DBSK. And the way to do this is through union/rally.

Until the DBSK case ends do not purchase anything from SM, and do not purchase their albums.
The most important thing is do not go to their auditions because only new victims will be created.
It doesn't matter how talented to you are, because the owners can throw you away in seconds.
Just like when Kim Kyung Wook CEO made H.O.T. break up, Kim Young Min can do the same. do not help him.

For every entertainment company all the schedules have to be approved by the CEO, and
even if the schedule seems ridiculous the company stars can't do anything.
DSP's Kim Hyun Joong didn't do BOF because he wanted to. Of course
the drama succeeded, and he gained popularity DSP's ceo made him do it and even
if he didn't want to he had no choice.

The reason why H.O.T. couldn't come out of Sm.ent is because CEO Kim Kyung Wook made
each members of the the group sign different contracts (expires on different years basically)
This is why 2 of the members stayed in Sm and 3 left.

Before filming starts, sending out scripts and casting takes 1 year.
The kids didn't even know about the drama when they made the contract. You have to know this.
Even if its a drama or a sitcom, it doesn't matter what the celebrity wants to do because they have no choice. If the top dogs tell you to do it, you have to do it.
If you don't like that pay a fine against contract, but that fine is an amount you can't even imagine.

Doing the drama wasn't Yunho or Changmin's choice so that is why
they could not go with the other three to charge against SM.

SO Please stop with the saying that the group has been split into two.
If the 3 wins the lawsuit they can pull the other 2 out.
Get it together Cassies.
Its 6 months. Lawsuits takes about 6 months to finish.
In that timing please don't let 1 penny go into
And please believe in DBSK.
That's the only way.

Original Cassie's Letter

우선 SM의 시작 1995년으로 거슬러 올라가죠, 가수로 시작한 이수만님은 1995년

SM이란 이름으로 기획사를 처음 접했죠, 프로듀서라는 신분으로 말이죠.

말 하자면 그는 사장이 아닌 프로듀서 였고 처음 설립할때 주식에 손을 대고있는

김경욱 사장과 손을 잡았다죠? 박진영프로듀서가 JYP에 자기 이름을 걸었지만

월급을 받으면서 가수들을 제작하는 것과 비슷한 거죠, 프로듀서는 가수를

발굴하고 트레이닝과 프로듀싱 등 가수의 모든것을 제작할 수는 있지만 계약과

수익률분배에는 손을 대지 못하고 있는 건 아십니까?

김경욱 사장은 그렇게 사장으로 앉아 SM에 거스리고 있는 많은 가수들에게도

손을 대기 시작했습니다. 아쉽게도 오랫동안 활동하지 못하고 잊혀져버린

밀크, 블랙비트, 다나, 이삭N지연 등을 김경욱 사장이 맡은 가수들인데요

그 가수들을 조합해서 천상지희로 만들고, 심재원을 SM댄스트레이너로 만든

사람이 이수만이죠. 그렇게 자꾸 SM가수들에게 손을대고 불합리한 조건으로

계약을 만든 김경욱 사장은 동방신기가 나온지 얼마 안되 SM엔터테이먼트를

떠났고 그 후로 SM에서 주식이 빠져나가 마이너스에 다다랐다고 퍼진 소문들

아시죠 그게 김경욱 사장이 빠지면서 벌어난 일들입니다

그리고 들어온사람이 김영민 사장, 노예계약이 13년에서 7년으로 바뀌면서

김영민 사장은 계약방침을 조금씩 바꿨고 그렇게 다른 가수들이 알게 모르게

고생하면서 가수의 생활을 하고 있었죠.

SM에서 신화가 나온뒤, 어느 프로그램에서 김동완님이 말씀하신걸 들었습니다

SM에서 나오긴 했지만 이수만선생님은 정말 잊을 수 없는 분이라고

그걸 보면서 생각이 들더군요 아무리 자신을 키워서 가수란 이름으로 세상을

볼수 있게 해도 정신적 육체적 고통을 준사람에게 감사할수는 없는 일이죠

하지만 어느곳에서도 김경욱, 김영민 사장의 언급은 들어 볼수가 없습니다

왜냐하면 불공정 계약의 시작은 회사의 주주, 사장들만으로도 충분히 이뤄질 수

있기 때문이죠

이수만을 내몰려고 애쓰지 마세요 다 헛된 짓일 뿐입니다 모두들 알고 있으시다

시피 SM의 약자가 수만의 약자라고 생각하시죠 아닙니다 그는 처음에 SM을

지을때 자신의 이니셜 SM이 아닌 Success Museum(성공 박물관)의 약자를 따

사업을 시작하게 된 것이죠.

제가 누군지는 밝힐 수 없지만 이 이야기들이 사실인 거 하나만큼은 믿어주시기

바랍니다. 믿던 안믿던 물론 그것은 여러분의 자유이지만 동방신기를 지켜낼 수 있는

방법이 하나 있습니다. 물론 단합이 필요한 일이죠

지금부터 동방신기의 소송이 끝날때까지 SM의 물건, 음반 등은 절대로 사지 마세요

그리고 가장 중요한건 오디션 보러가지마세요 새로운 희생자가 나타나기 시작하면

그 전에 아무리 높이 날던 새라도 버릴 수 있는게 사장들입니다. 김경욱 사장이

H.O.T를 해체시켜놨 듯 김영민 사장까지 그렇게 새롭게 자신의 뜻을 펼칠 수 있도록

도와주지 마세요.

자기 소속사에 소속된 연예인의 모든 스케줄은 사장의 허락이 있어야 하며, 일방적인

사장의 선택에도 어쩔 수 없는게 소속 연예인들이죠.

DSP의 김현중 군도 꽃보다남자에 처음부터 출연하고 싶어서 한 건 아니죠. 물론 드라마가

떴고, 본인이 하긴 했지만 그 드라마도 일방적인 DSP의 사장의 지시였고 김현중 군은

그 드라마에 출연하고 싶지 않아도 해야했죠.

H.O.T가 나오지 못한 이유는 김경욱 사장이 애초에 개인별로 계약기간을 다르게 잡아놨기

때문에 2명은 SM에 남고 3명은 나왔던 이유이죠.

연기를 하기전 대본을 나누어주고 캐스팅을 하는 시점은 드라마가 시작하기 1년전부터

시작해요. 지금보다 한참 전에 드라마 캐스팅 제의를 받고 이런 사건을 대비해 드라마에

그들도 모르게 계약을 한거에요. 다들 아셔야 합니다. 드라마던 시트콤이던 소속 연예인에게 선택할수있는

권리는 없어요. 위에서 하라고 하면 해야하는거에요 하기 싫다면 위약금을 물어야하는데 그 위약금은

상상할수도 없을만큼 어마어마 한 돈이라 누구도 쉽게 그렇게 나오진 못해요 드라마도

유노윤호와 최강창민의 뜻이 아니기에 그들도 선택의 여지 없이 소송을 걸지 못하는 것 뿐이에요

그러니까 그룹내의 분쟁이니 뭐니 그런말은 제발 하지마세요. 지금 3명이 소송을 이기면

나머지 2명도 빼올수있는상황입니다. 정신차리세요 카시오페아

6개월입니다. 소송은 6개월안에 해결됩니다. 그 안에 SM의 손에 1원도 들어갈수 없도록 해주세요

그리고 동방신기를 믿으세요.

그것이 유일한 해결책입니다.

출저- 파즐즈

From : Taken from's official DBSK ROOM
posted by 아네모네 posted on august 1st 09. who got it from 다방.
credits: dksldidksldi @ soompi 
shared by: dbsknights
re-shared by: me.

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Wordless Saturday #1 ; 10 Nov 2012 @ 2:05 am { 0 fellows }


MAMA a.k.a Mnet Asian Music Awards ; 2 Nov 2012 @ 10:22 pm { 0 fellows }
*wae dorang ni sangat perfect ? ;-;


       Okay , korang mesti dah dengar kan pasal MAMA ? bukan MAMA korang atau MAMA aku . Maksud MAMA ialah Mnet Asian Music Awards . Aku excited sangat sebab TVXQ masuk dalam MAMA . ^^ Tapi aku yang paling aku tak suka tempat TVXQ yang kedua bab 'Global Male Group' . TVXQ tempat ketiga bab 'Artist Of The Year' . Haishhhhhhhhhhhh . -.- , Weyh Cassiopeia mana hilangnya kau ? Nasib baik TVXQ bukan tempat bawah sekali . Kalau diorang tempat bawah , haish , aku taktau nak kata apa . -.- . Anyway pada sesiapa yang group korang suka tak masuk dalam MAMA , jangan marah ya . Mana tahu tahun depan group yang korang suka , masuk . Mana tahu kan ? Hehe :P . Anyway sesiapa yang minat TVXQ , Please , Please , Please , Please vote diorang setiap masa ! Fighting ! AKTF !

#Anyway doakan untuk kakak ipar aku sebab perut dalam kandungnya tak seberapa OK . Doakan ok ? 

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