Happy Birthday duckbutt ~ ! ; 15 Dec 2012 @ 3:21 am { 1 fellows }

   This man is many things: a rising musical actor, an amazing captain to a soccer team named the FC Men, a soulful and talented singer who gets bullied by his bandmates all the time, a catlady with a duckbutt, a man can imitate a shriek of a dolphin and has a memorable laughter 으컁컁 [eu kyang kyang]. he has also stolen the cute image from changmin with his adorable personality and famous angel pose, in which he totally regretted because fans said that they are going to make him continue posing even when he’s 35 (to his dismay). but beneath these faces, he is more than that - he is Kim Junsu, one of the most inspiring and passionate men ever. happy 27th birthday! ☆

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I'm sick of it. ; 6 Dec 2012 @ 3:03 am { 0 fellows }

Okay, i’m seriously getting sick and tired of hearing people say TVXQ are too old to perform now. i mean, wtf? since when has age got anything to do with being an idol and performing on stage? okay, lets say you’re right for a moment and they are too old to perform now. Yunho’s 26 and Changmin’s 24, but lets take Yunho’s age for now. if 26 is too old to perform, do you realise how many other idols are also ‘too old’ by your standard?

Leeteuk (29), Heechul (29), Han Geng (28), Yesung (28), Kangin (27), Shindong (27), Sungmin (26), Eunhyuk (26), Donghae (26), Boa (26), Tablo (31), Mithra jin (29), DJ Tukutz (31), Se7en (28), PSY (34), Boram (26), Jung-A (29), Rain (30), Hyunjoong (26), Yongsaeng (26), Jay (29), Park Bom (28), Dara (28), Gummy (31), all of Shinhwa (33-31), Miryo (31), Jea (31), Narsha (30).

And if i had taken Changmin’s age instead, which quite frankly i should of seeing as you’re calling him old as well, then there’d be a hell of a lot more idols on that list. Changmin and Yunho debuted in 2004, which means they’ve been around for 8 years. maybe that’s what you meant when you called them old? just because they’ve been hugely successful in both korea and japan and pathed the way for other idol groups to be successful overseas and are still very successful in both countries 8 years on means they should stop and retire cause they’re too old? they’re music is still a hell of a lot better than some music being produced nowadays. Yunho is still seen as one of the best dancers in Korea and has inspired a very long list of other idols to pursue the same path and Changmin is still known as having the best high notes and ‘scream’. so all this crap about them being ‘too old’ and past their time’ is just that. crap. stop being immature little morons. you may not like them and i’m not saying you should like them, but what i am saying is that you should respect them like your ‘oppas’ do and keep your silly little comments to yourself.

Oh did you heard that Yunho will be on a new drama ? It's called “Queen of Ambition” . Yunho will play the role of Baek Do-hoon who is a graduating college student and is in love with an older women. The honest but macho character will also be the son of a rich company and an ice-hockey college athlete. The older women, Dahae will be played by actress Soo-Ae (Athena: Goddess Of War, A Thousand Day’s Promise) who will play a destined love story with Yunho. An official for the drama said that Yunho’s sharp facial lines, “thick eyebrows” and soft smile seemed to be best in sync with the character.

“Jung Yunho was the number one choice for us as the character is charismatic and soft at the same time.” The representative said.

Yunho, who has appeared in a string of dramas such as Poseidon and Heading to the Ground said he would try his best to show the “best side” of him.

“I’m very happy that I am able to greet everyone once again through another opportunity to act with the drama Queen of Ambition.” The singer/actor said.

source: [hellokpop] & [tumblr]

Okay, probably after the K-Drama, people would make a rumor about Yunho and Dahae. *sighs* Also probably people would said that they are dating. *sighs again*  I'm tired of people hearing that they are dating after the K-Drama. It's just a freaking K to the D-R-A-M-A. And i hope there is no kissing scene because that's the reason why people making a rumor. lol. Like Yunho and Go Ara, they're just friends. People still keep making rumor. *sighs once again* I just don't get it people.

But at HTTG (Heading To The Ground) Yunho acting... was extremely awkward... yeah... I don't prefer him as an actor, i prefer him as a musical and as a best dancer in kpop industry. But i also support him as an actor. But... being an actor just... doesn't suit to him. Also, next year TVXQ has a Catch Me World Tour , that may be tight schedule. PLUS the Drama, that probably make him restless. /sighs/

Anyway korang dah tengok dah gambar bawah ni? SubahanAllah, Allahuakbar!

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How do i became Kpopper and how do i sail so many ships ; 5 Dec 2012 @ 9:18 am { 0 fellows }


Hari ni saya nak cakap Bahasa Melayu tambah Bahasa Inngeris LOL.

Okay, aku mula tahu Kpop sejak May 2007. Masa tu Abang aku tunjuk video 동방신기 - Triangle . Itu paling pertama aku tengok video Kpop. Abang aku introduce nama-nama DB5K satu-satu . Aku pun macam angguk saje lah. Masa tu aku taktau apa-apa pun pasal Kpop, so aku ingat Kpop ni macam ala-ala biasa je. Pastu pulak kakak aku pun introduce DB5K, pastu aku pun katalah, "Ala, biasa je. Takde maksud macam mana nak tahu?" lepas kakak aku dengar ayat aku, kakak aku terus tunjuk video yang ada translation. Lepas aku tengok video translationnya dalam hati aku kata 'Menarik jugak ya Kpop ni.' Tapi kakak dan abang aku tunjuk satu video je, video lain takde ke? So, aku buat la research kat Google *rolls eyes* pasal Kpop. Aku ingat Kpop ni ada satu group je, rupanya ada banyak lagi. Heheh. Masa tu aku hanya minat group 동방신기 je. Yang lain tak. Maklumlah kan, budak baru belajar pasal Kpop. HAHA. 

Pastu aku stop tahu tentang Kpop August 2007 hingga October 2008 . Yelah, maklumlah kan, busy pasal anime and manga. HAHA. k. Masa November 2008, aku pun macam takde pape nak buat sebab cuti sekolah, so, aku pun buat research sekali lagi, pastu aku tengok, banyak group yang dah debut. So, aku pun tengoklah group yang baru debut ni. Banyak group yang menarik. Bukan menarik, tapi lebih menarik tetarik. HAHAHA. K, tak lawak. Pastu lepas kenal semua group dan semua Company , December 2008 , Tarikh itulah aku menjadi Kpopper. Tapi tarikh 2010 sangat menyakitkan hati. 2010 adalah perpisahan buat DB5K. Walaupun lawsuit dah habis, walaupun JYJ dah bebas dari SMent, Tapi saya percaya walaupun ia tidak boleh lagi kenyataan, mereka akan kembali menjadi 5 suatu hari nanti. After the lawsuit, all of my siblings stop being a cassie because they won't keep faiths towards them. And here i am, still keeping. My siblings only hear their songs, not even know what they are doing. Sebenarnya aku tengah lapar tapi aku tahan. = =


Macam mana aku boleh ship banyak OTP , erm . Skip je lah nih . Aku pendekkan , Aku ni Homophobic dulu , sedangkan kakak-kakak aku ni minat boyxboy . Masa tu, kakak aku gila-gila kan OTP ni . Aku pun macam... *rolls eyes* . Masa aku first time tengok boyxboy mula-mula aku rasa geli gila nak mampus. Video tu Coffe Prince Parody (nama group apa ntah aku pun tak ingat) . Pastu disebabkan aku terpaksa tengok video boyxboy, lama kelamaan tu, aku dah tak rasa geli, aku rasa suka. Dan pada masa itulah aku jadi perverted no, i mean ship OTP . Heheh . /awkward laugh/  . Sampai sini jelah entri pada hari ni walaupun hanya 3 perenggan. HAHA. Annyeong. \o/

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